The Art of Strategy
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Here are the reviews for our first book, Thinking Strategically.

Review by Genevieve Stuttaford, Publishers Weekly, December 21, 1990.

"Strategic Thinking: The Games Nations Play" by David Warsh, Boston Globe, April 7, 1991. Reprinted as "Knowing How to Play a Hand Is Crucial to Winning the Global Economics Game," Washington Post, April 10, 1991.

"Thinking Ahead Backward" by Schlomo Maital, Across the Board, June 1991.

"Fun and Games Theory" by David R. Henderson, Fortune, July 15, 1991.

"My Book of the Year" by Andrew St. George, Financial Times, December 7, 1991.

"Strategy and Choice" by Jim Leitzel, Southern Economic Journal, April 1993.

"The Ultimate Bookshelf: Business Leaders Choose Their All-time Favorite Books on Sales, Marketing, and Management" by Kerry Rottenberger-Murtha, Sales & Marketing Management, December 1993.

"Pre-law Prerequisites: A Guide to the Post Socialist World" by Michael Debow and Roger Clegg, Policy Review, Winter 1994.


Book Review by Genevieve Stuttaford, Publishers Weekly, December 21, 1990.

THINKING STRATEGICALLY: The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics, and Everyday Life, Avinash K. Dixit and Barry J. Nalebuff. Norton, ISBN 0-393-02923-9 Most books on game theory either focus on specialized applications (cardplaying, business, nuclear war) or bore with mathematics and jargon. Free of formulas and argot, this refreshing exception distills the principles, concepts, tools and techniques--brinkmanship, bargaining, unconditional moves, vicious circles, etc.—with an astonishing diversity of illustrative examples drawn from political campaigns, baseball, neighborhood dynamics of segregation, the military draft, speed limits, childrearing and so forth. In helping strategists anticipate rivals' responses and win the game, economics professors Dixit and Nalebuff (who teach game theory at Princeton and Yale, respectively) provide managers, negotiators, athletes, parents and other game-players with a formidable weapon.

"My Book of the Year" by Andrew St. George, Financial Times, December 7, 1991.

Today our writers and critics nominate the books they have enjoyed reading most over the last twelve months. No rules were imposed but, as you will see, all have been encouraged to be adventurous and broaden their interests away from their usual subjects

Thinking Strategically by Avinash Dixit & Barry Nalebuff (W W Norton) offers essential training in making choices and weighing possibilities not only in business but in daily life. Reading it is a trip to the gym for the reasoning faculties. It presents game theory and business strategy as understandable, usable and everyday tools for living with others. Its examples of tactics in action range from King Lear to Maradonna. And the case studies make great bit-reading in queues or waiting-rooms. I also much enjoyed Howard Rheingold's Virtual Reality (Secker & Warburg), which describes the computer-created world waiting around the corner of the century, and Simon Schama's Dead Certainties (Granta), which sent a bright spark between history and fiction: illuminating.


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