The Art of Strategy
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The Pricing Game
In chapter 3, we claimed that $80 is the common price that yields B. B. Lean and Rainbow's End the highest possible joint profit in the pricing game. Here, as promised, we provide the supporting calculations.


The 11th Tale of Strategy
Chapter 1 may have only included ten tales of strategy, but that doesn't mean that we don't have any more, stories, up our sleeves. Here is a tale of strategy from a friend of ours, Randy Heeb, who is a very good poker player—so good, in fact, that he won an event in the World Series of Poker a few years ago. Read on...



Here are some short videos on game theory, which Barry recorded for Big Think.

The History of Game Theory


The Prisoners' Dilemma


Business and Game Theory's "Prisoners' Dilemma"


The Economy and Game Theory


Punishments, Relationships, and Game Theory


Alternative Election Theory


Globalization and Game Theory


Problems in Game Theory



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